Dyson DC-17

Does any one own a Dyson vacuume cleaner,and how do you like it? The one I want is the DC-17 and is about $600USD. Any info would be great.

We have a Dyson DC-14 Animal and love it! We paid $500 for it at Home Depot about 6 months ago.

They are very easy to use and easy to empty. Lifetime Hepa filter.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

$500 for a vacuum cleaner? Was it developed by NASA? :eek:

At 51 years old i have bought quite a few vacuums and if i had bought one of these along time ago i would have spent way less money.

The new ones (2) we bought 3 years ago quit working already and they cost $300 for both of them. So that’s over 1/2 the price for the Dyson in the last 3 years.

Dyson has a 5 year warranty. Just take them back and get a new one if it fails in 5 years :iagree:

hmm so it has a long durability in time… good point :iagree:

yeah plus the suction is way better :iagree: No filters/bags to buy etc…

So they suck way more than other vacuum cleaners?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone had to make that comment in a thread like this, so it might as well be me! :iagree:

Durability in time seems to be something unknown in nowdays products.

Yesterday my mom complained about the washer: only three years old and already damaged. After a technician said her that 200 euro was the minimum to repair it, my mom decided to buy a new one.

:stuck_out_tongue: i was waiting for that :bigsmile:

These Dysons seem to be very well built and very simple construction. Easy to lift/carry if needed.

My wife’s sister,niece, and mother all have one and they work great.

Doesn’t seem very economical for someone with hardwood floors like me. :stuck_out_tongue: Area rugs in the 2 largest rooms.

Sounds ideal for me, with beige carpets and a black cat.

Still I trundle along with my Goblin Rio though :slight_smile:

They work on hardwood floors as well :wink: Only the 3 bedrooms upstairs in my house have carpet. The rest of the upstairs is Laminate hardwood. Yeah you need to use laminate floor cleaner but you need to suck up the crap before you clean it.

You live in a an apartment or house with pets?

Yep with 2 cats and 1 dog we need a good vacuum :iagree:

House with an aquarium. :bigsmile:

yeah, well you won’t need a Dyson :slight_smile:

Yeah, with one cat it’s bad enough. I’d love a Dyson. My little Goblin just about gets the job done :doh:

Only my living room has carpet BTW. Bedroom is plywood floorboards (don’t ask), kitchen and bathroom are linoleum, hallway’s floor tiles.

i bought a Rainbow cleaning system years ago…and have thought about a Dyson cause i get tired of filling the container with water and emptying it when i am done…it does pick up dog hair really good…and dirt as well…

a lightweight cleaner does sound appealing…

best vacuums in teh world :iagree: well worth the money…I have 2 dogs and the canister fills up and needs to be emptied after every 1-2 rooms :eek: I vacuum every other day too so its not like a bunch of crap is building up between vacuumings :bigsmile:

they really suck good :stuck_out_tongue:

Only in the LR could a vacuum cleaner thread reach 20 posts :bigsmile: