Dysfunctional episode menu on DL DVD

I’m new to making copies of DVDs using dual layer discs and I’ve been experiencing a problem when making backup copies of some of my DVDs on this newer media.

First of all let me add that I’ve ripped and burned many dvd’s in the past, using a combination of DVDshrink, DVDdecrypter, Nero, and most recently Ripit4me. I had always made my copies on single layer discs and reauthored them to the movie only to limit or eliminate the need for compression. Since menu function is eliminated on a reauthored disc I decided to move up in the world of DVD backups and invest in a dual layer burner to make full backups of my episodic DVDs.

I recently ripped season 1 of arrested development for backup. I used DVDdecrypter to backup the files (vob, ifo, bup) to my harddrive and proceeded to burn the discs using Nero v6.3.1.6 and my new DL burner (LG GP08LU10) and Ridata 2.4xDVD+R DL media.

The picture and audio quality on the burned discs are excellent, but the episode selection menu does not work properly on all three; all the other menus appear to work correctly. I tried reburning one of them and the same problem continues to present itself.

When I select the episode menu there is pause slightly longer than usual before it loads. Then when I try to arrow up and down through the listed episodes the curser skips between only 1 to 3 of the episodes; only allowing their selection. All of the episodes are present on the discs because when I choose the playall option they all play.

I also made a copy of dexter season1 disc4 to replace the one I had accidentally broken and it does not have this problem. However there is only one episode on that disc, so that may be why it worked correctly.

Before I burn through the rest of my DL discs trying to solve the problem I thought I’d post this to see if anyone knows how to solve this.

Do I need to rip the discs differently? Do I need to change some of the options in Nero before burning? Something else I’m not seeing?

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Welcome to the forums tracerr.

The first problem, and probably the most important, is the fact that you are using very poor media. We do not recommend Ridata DL disks. The only widely available DL media that is consistent enough for us to recommend is sold under the Verbatim brand. If you are in the US, you could also try the Falcon DL media, but it is not sold locally to my knowledge, and is only found at a few sites online, like www.cddimensions.com

So, get some Verbatim first step. Either the 2.4x +R DL or 8x varieties will work well in your new LG burner. I’d try burning either one at 4x first, though the 8x variety might be good at 6x or 8x.

On to your process. If the encryption on the disks is not too advanced for DVDDecrypter, I’d use it to rip to an ISO file. Then I’d use a free burning program called ImgBurn to do the actual burning to the disk. It is the updated burning engine from DVDDecrypter, written by the same author. We recommend it for DL burns because it will set the layer break correctly, which some burning programs have problems with. Use the mds file from DVDDecryter as the input.

More advanced encryption may take a different program for ripping. Look into DVDFab HD Decrypter. It is the free section within DVDFab and will continue to function even after the trial for the main part of DVDFab expires. It can rip as an ISO, but there were problems in the past with this. So I’d stick to ripping as files. You can make an ISO and burn with ImgBurn, or you can take the files directly into ImgBurn and burn to a DL disk. Look through the guides to using the program here: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showforum=4

creating and burning from and ISO image appears to have solved the problem. Thanks so much!