I bought 2 50 DYNEX (Best Buys Name Brand) Dvd+R packs at Best Buy a couple of weeks ago for $8.99 ea, when they were on sale and I just opened them and looked at the MID and they are MCC 004, rebadged Verbatim.

There’ve been threads on this before. Whether they’re proper MCC, I can’t remember though…something smells a bit whiffy.

Edit: Ah yes, here we go - this thread talks about MCC coded Dynex -Rs, but the same applies to the +R I would think:


Thank you, it seems as they aren’t bad media but how long they last is unknown, as I have searched through some other threads.

Hi Metrock it is made in ??? :confused:
my area carrying made in china because I didn’t buy it. just one hours ago

Could be the same as Playo from Staples.

Which is not all that bad IMO.

I’m very confused now about Dynex +R was RICOHJPNR03 now MCC004
what about made in china MID ???

It’s probably fake MCC004

It’s easy enough to tell the (genuine) RICOHJPN R03 Dynex from the “borrowed code” MCC004 ones as the cakeboxes and packaging are totally different.

There made in China.

thanks for info Metrock :bow:

Yes, they are exactly the same. The same two companies, AML and UME, make the same MIC media for Best Buy (Dynex), Staples (Playo), and Circuit City (NexxTech). So, in fact, Playos are often the better deal, because you can usually get them for free or even get paid money after a rebate and the use of a coupon.

The old Dynex disks which were made in Taiwan were genuine Ritek and Ricoh media. All of the new Dynex disks are made in China, and they now use fake MCC codes, instead of the real AML and UME codes of the manufacturers.


anyone tried to send them an e-mail asking why they sell conterfeit MCC media?

Haven’t tried :stuck_out_tongue:

/edit/ Just e-mailed them

Been 2 weeks and they never e-mailed me back, and they said it only took 48-72 hours.

Offcourse they are not going to react.
Most compannies like not to react on media that uses a borrowed code.

It’s not really counterfeit unless they brand the discs as verbatim as well. Using the code would mostly be for compatibility with writers, rather than to trick buyers who 90% of would know nothing about MID codes.