Dynex DVDRW IDE 16x

Does anybody know who manufactures this Dynex drive? The firmware has been updated to AO82 from AO7M with some type of autoupdate program. The buffer underrun protection is superlink. Any help would be appreciatted.
Thanks, Budzos

Sounds like a BTC 1016IM to me.

I’ll have to check out there website,
Thanks, Budzos

Those dynex, which are sold at Bestbuy and futureshop in canada are a surprise bag of a dvd drive. It shows “some” drive on the box, kinda looks like a pioneer or a liteON but it could be anything in the box. Sometimes its a LG etc. Depends if you buy the external model or not. The specs on the box are updated/changed week to week in the stores with a sticker placed over to old info. depending whats in the box at the time. The packaging never changes, just the crappy model that the stock up on and try to get rid of.
If you do figure out what you got, please post the model and brand.

BTW If you need info on dynex drives, youll find that it directs you to the bestbuy head office(s) #

My Dynex was a replacement for a old Buslink/Liteon 411s that was slowly dieing and I
found the old receipt with a 2 year exchange extended warrantee. It is actually a BTC
10161M. I am very suprised to say it has burned extremely well on TY To2 media so far.
The firmware is A082 updated with a autoupdate program. I have managed to identify it
with the help of ccbad in his post above. I guess I was one of the lucky Dynex owners
and actually ended up with a unit that works .

I don’t know if this answer will help at all, but I’m certain that the main manufacturer of Dynex products is SAMSUNG.

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