Dynex DVD+R DL

Just wondering, I’ve been looking around and seen that some Dynex Dual Layer +Rs have the MKM001 media code, meaning Verbatim DVD+R DL discs. Now is Dynex just borrowing the media code like some other manufacturers use TY’s, or are these real Verbatim’s? If they are infact Verbatim media, is the quality going to be the same as the true Verbatim’s? They are quite inexpensive in comparison to Verbatim originals, but that generally means lower quality. Would be nice to know though if they’re of high quality or not. Thanks.

PS: I did a quick search and did not find anything about the Dynex DL media.

No one has any info on this media?

Dynex’s DVD+Rs (single layer) are Riteks so I assumed their DL ones were too but I haven’t bought one to know.

Official terminology:
DVD+R DL = Double Layer
DVD-R DL = Dual Layer

Dynex sources from a variety of manufacturers (not just Ritek).
I have never heard of fake MKM001 discs as of yet, so I would expect these discs to be made by MKM or CMC (under permission by MKM).
I would NOT expect the Dynex MKM001 DVD+R DL disc quality to be quite as good as true Verbatim discs, but they should still be better than other DL media with different MIDs!
Of course this is all just speculation on my part until I get ahold of some of these discs to test. :slight_smile:

What is the manufacturing location listed on the Dynex DVD+R DL packaging?

hopefully it is singapore, then I will ride the wagon and it will be my first DL disc ever

Yup, if it is made in Taiwan then we know that they are outsourcing to CMC. :wink:

I’ll definitely be stopping by a Bestbuy store to investigate firsthand. :slight_smile:

Unless Prodisc is taking a crack at MKM DVD+R DL :o :o

Dynex is a Best Buy in-house brand, I doubt they produce their own media. That would probably also explain the price in Best Buy.

Just wanted to say that I got a 3 pack of this media today. It ended up being Verbatim’s MKM001 media code, so this is definitely a good thing. I will probably try out a QScan on my DW1620 when I get home from the office and see how it does, then I may burn it with my 109 at 6x. :slight_smile:

What was the instore price?
Online shows a 5-pack for $29.99


Those look different than the ones I got. Mine are completely unbranded, just a shiny surface on the top. I got them for $16.99 (- $10 in digital dollars) CAD + taxes for the 3 pack. So basically the cost was about $15.60 USD for the 3 pack, w/o the digital dollars.

On the Bargain forum, there’s a link for 3-pack Verbatim 4x DVD-R DL for 7.08 USDs. (Lowest I’ve seen so far for any type of DL in the world though not sure what the shipping is like.)


2.39 for 4x DL seems good. Pay US$50 for 8x DL burner and pay US$718 for 300 DL media.

@Wes, did you get one yet? Is it MKM001 like eluder’s?

Since I work at a local Future Shop, I decided to purchase a 3-pack of these Dynex DVD+R DL discs. The current retail price on it is $22.99 CDN but my staff discount brought the price down to $15.49 CDN which is a little over $5 per disc. The MID on all of the discs (which have an unbranded top surface as mentioned earlier) is MKM 001 and my LG GSA-4163B reports both 2.4X and 4X write speed options. :slight_smile: This currently looks like the ideal combination between quality and price for DVD+R DL media at Future Shop. I’d still like to see lower prices, but I can’t complain about a staff discount that lets me buy a 100-pack spindle of Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD+R media for only $25 CDN. :cool:


I’m really disappointed that manufacturers are dragging their heels on lowering DL prices. I know it’s a chicken and egg situation, where they are not selling enought quantities to justify a large drop in prices, but if they made the right gestures, and provided the sort of incentives for DL that would make more people buy them, at least temporarily, then they could see what the potential for sales are at lower prices.
I know not everyone wants DL discs, but there are times when I really want > 4.3 GB on a disc, not just for dvd movies. When prices are close to 2x-3x a high quality disc (say ~$1 / disc at current prices) I would consider buying DL in bulk.
Ritek has really dropped the ball in the last few years. I remember when everyone recommended grade A G04 media as one of the more reliable non-japanese medias you could get, and then their quality dropped like a rock. It’s extended into the +DL market as well. If Riteks +DL discs were within fighting distance of the Mitsubishi discs, we’d have a chance of faster price drops, but their media just stinks. I wouldn’t buy Ritek +DL discs at half their current price.

Nope, unfortunately I haven’t been able to scoop any up yet…
I would like to see how one of these Dynex discs toasts at 8x in the NEC ND-3540A :smiley:

It looks as though Future Shop recently started carrying 15-pack spindles of the Dynex DVD+R DL media at a regular price of $99.99 CDN which amounts to around $6.66 per disc. From July 8th through the 14th, however, each spindle is one sale for $79.99 CDN which amounts to $5.33 per disc.

Dynex Double Layer 15-Pack 2.4X 8.5GB DVD+R Spindle

Although I had some doubts after reading “Made in China” on the side of the packaging, I can confirm that the discs in these spindles still have the MKM 001 media code. At its current retail price, this media is still expensive even in spindle form, but at least it’s more affordable than buying a 3-pack of Verbatim DVD+R DL media for $30 CDN! Personally, I’ll wait for another major price drop (since even my staff discount doesn’t reduce the cost by much) but at least this is a step in the right direction.

Do they burn well like real MKM001 discs?