Dynex Dual-Layer DVDr sluggish to respond

Hey everyone, I searched the forum and really couldn’t find an exact answer… but I think my problem is simple (just not for a moron like me)

My HP Pavilion dv9000 has a DL-DVD compatible built-in burner, which I used to back up all of my files to (2) DVD’s yesterday when doing a complete destructive reformate of my hard-drive and installation of Windows Media Center Edition to start from scratch.

Upon trying to transfer all of the files/folders from my DVD-DL discs, my laptop became so sluggish and bogged down, that I was only able to transfer partial files before getting the CRC error code (which I think is just brought about by slow data transfer or my laptop working improperly)

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS, I still SEE all of the files on the DVD when I open the folders, so I KNOW THE FILES ARE THERE, my computer/or DVD-ROM is just not able to process the data fast enough perhaps…


[B]PS: I used NERO to burn the (2) DVD’s, and received no error codes of any kind… so, like I said I can see all of the files and even the thumbnails of the pictures, but ONCE I TRY to take them from the DVD-DL and put them on my laptop, is when things get totally screwed up and slowed down and non-responsive (IF THE FILE IS LARGER THAN 200MB)[/B]

Is there anything I can do to speed up my computer or DVD-ROM, or my buffer/transfer rate? (or should I sneak over to best buy and use a high-configuration desktop to transfer files?) haha! My laptop has 200gb-hd, 2gb RAM.

Probably nothing you can do but get a different drive to try to read the media–such as any external USB LG or Samsung drive. [Both should be sold at your local Best Buy; I’d go for the LG].

Dynex-branded stuff is usually far from the best, and I wouldn’t dare trust the brand for DL media purposes. Your computer is probably getting bogged down because the disc is poorly written & is having to work hard to retrieve your files. [Just because you can still see the file names doesn’t mean that it’ll be easy getting the files back. ;)]

EDIT: BTW, you might want to check to make sure your laptop’s drive hasn’t fallen into PIO mode [and that it is still in DMA mode]. See here: Click here for instructions.

EDIT 2: Welcome to CD Freaks. :slight_smile:

Is there any type on consensus on dl-dvd media at large as being top-notch and dependable for archiving?

THANKS for your reply! :slight_smile:

PS: Just read the rest of your post, thanks for the information and the welcome! I am going to see about my dvd-rom on my HP laptop, because I just did a destructive re-set on my hard drive to re-install my windows media center operating system - so since I’m starting from scratch maybe that’s why I am running into problems?

Let me know your choice, and any other input… for both dependable [B]archiving DVD-Dual Layer, and also IF I should use any sort of program or setting on my laptop to ‘recover’ the files… (or just make my laptop work better, haha…) I’m interested in why I can see all the files, but can’t download them.[/B]

Verbatim +R DL is the most consistent. But dual layer dvd media in general may not be a good a choice for archival use. If it is extremely important data, I’d back up to Taiyo Yuden 8x +R single layer disks, make a second copy on Verbatim 16x single layer media, and put another copy on an external hard drive that is used solely for this purpose.

If you have to use DL, then buy Verbatim…it used to be that the Singapore made Verbatim DL was better, but that may not be as important to look for these days, as the Indian made Verbatim has improved.

Edit: You might want to try ISOBuster to recover the files on the dual layer you have now. No guarantees though

I read up a lot on Isobuster, but the more research I did, it seemed that the Virtual Lab DVD recovery was better rated, any thoughts?

I hate to spend $40 and end up more frustrated without my files and without money in my pocket, haha! :slight_smile:

Have you tried the free version of ISOBuster yet? Here is the page detailing what can be done with the free one vs the paid one: http://www.isobuster.com/license-models.php

No experience using Virtual Lab DVD, and very little with ISOBuster for that matter, so can’t help on which one to use.

I just checked, using the tutorial here… and it looks as though my drive was in DMA mode, and the settings were correct.

Dangit… maybe my dvd-rom is just too slow at reading the information on my disc - I can’t believe this happened. I’m going to keep racking my brain…

EDIT: Would this be of any help (http://www.download.com/Recover-Files/3000-2094_4-10715455.html?tag=mncol&cdlPid=10715456)

Is there anything that can assist my dvd-rom from gathering the data from the DVD-DL without getting a CR error? :frowning:

Thanks Kerry56… I always assumed the ‘free’ version just showed you what ‘could’ be recovered, and then demanded your credit card once you hit ‘recover.’

But I’ll give it a shot for sure since you suggested it! [B]Thank you very much [/B]

I just looked up all the info on my laptop factory specs… and it looks like my DVD-RW drive was one of the first to ever offer DL-DVD capability… maybe that’s why I’m having issues? My laptop is only 1.6ghz, and it’s about 3 years old now. Perhaps it would make more sense to buy a new high-speed external DVD-Drive? Thoughts…?

Also, I know Kerry has been really helpful and mentioned the software online for recovery - could recovery potentially do more hard than good, and is the free version of isohunter suggested by anyone who has used it? I usually find that ‘free’ is indicative of scam… thanks!!! :slight_smile: