DYNEX at Future Shop

Hi Folks:

Future Shop in Canada has Dynex (the BEST BUY house brand in Canada) on sale for $29.00 for 200. If it was $29 for 100, it would still be good, but it is indeed 200. There are +/- available at this price. Shipping in Canada is free (not sure about to the US).

The discs are made by ISO1 (Info Smart). Out of 300 … I have had no coasters. They seem to write faster than other disks are 4X. According to their website, these use Phillips technology. The discs seem more durable that most. Although they have a shiny finish, they do not have a slick surface, and accept marker nicely.

Although it says they are sold out right now … they will honor the price and ship more when they come in. This is a smokin’ deal.

Scott Brown
Waterloo, Ontario

Infosmart? Not likely. They are the ones well reputed for producing Fake Taiyo Yudens. If that tells you anything about their quality. Anyways successful burns don’t equal high quality. Take a look at the people who burn Princo with little or no trouble and then less then a year down the road they are losing entire spindles.

i’ve got the dynex before (once only!) and would never trust that Made In China garbage again. save your money, unless you give away discs for Christmas (like with family photos and other disposable crap)