Dynex 4x 200pack

I saw these on sale http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/proddetail.asp?logon=&langid=EN&sku_id=0665000FS10059875&catid=

200 for that price (canadian) makes them like 20cents each, so im curious as to if they are worth it for general storage, burning of movies etc.


The 200 pack +R I got a couple of weeks earlier are OPTODISCOR4 and I can burn them reasonably well @8X with the BenQ1640. Don’t know about the -R. Please also refer to this thread:

I only have a 2x burner Pioneer A04 i think. So I mean the speed isnt really a huge factor.

So in your opinion are these discs worth the money?

Thanks for the other thread link.

No, Dynex didn’t start using somewhat respectable media codes until 8x.

As you can only use -R in your Pioneer A04, I wouldn’t know because I have tried the +R only and don’t know the manufacturer for the -R ones. They are real cheap alright, but they have to be compatible with your burner. Otherwise you’ll end up with 200 trash discs. It will be helpful if furball69 in the other thread can provide the mid of his -R. If you have time, visit this site
Search for Dynex 4X -R under media section and see what are the comments from other users.

if I buy them, will the store allow me to return them if they are trash?

http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia, not dvdplayers :stuck_out_tongue:

Too much AML and VDSPMSAB media for me to consider buying it.

AML and VDSPMSAB? Sorry im not experienced in anything to do with media. All i know is riteks are good. But 200DVDS at that price I find it hard to belive it wont be worth it.

AML is from a company called Anwell and VDSPMSAB is from Interaxia. Both are horrible, bottom of the barrel media.

These media are of those bottom of the barell kind?

Would I be better off buying Maxell media at the same price for half the number of discs?

100 maxell http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/proddetail.asp?sku_id=0665000FS10051278&catid=12501&logon=&langid=EN


200 Dynex

The Maxell -R should be Ritek G05 which has loads of problems reported in the forum. For a few dollars more, you can get a 100 spindle of TY 4X -R from suppliers like NCIX.com in Vancouver and blankmedia.ca in Waterloo. Where are you located? There are other computer shops in various cities which also carry stock of this item.

The one in the link are 8x+ media so they can’t be Ritek G05, but they can be Maxell 002 MIJ which isn’t that bad.

Im in Toronto, and was only looking at these two as they are on sale and cheap bulk media is definatly in my best interest. I have a Pioneer A04 2x burner got it a long time ago, thing wont burn RW anymore but I dont see any point in upgrading it to a faster one, the 2x is fast enuf (30 mins), and I see no need for Dual Layer or DVD+R. Unless someone cares to enlighten me. I ordered a 100pack of riteks when I got it and I am still using the riteks (tho low now) so figured id need some dvds soon. The problem with ordering online is they slap a nice shipping fee ontop making it not worth the price.

The only thing I do with these is make custom Anime/Tv show DVD’s, Backup Games for PC, store files for backup and transportation etc.

So are the DVDs from FS that crap? I knew it was odd they sell them dirt cheap, but didnt think it could be that bad.

Futureshop only carries “MADE IN TAIWAN” maxell dvd’s now (at least in winnipeg) and the only stuff is usually always “MADE IN TAIWAN” now too, i think that is why the price is coming down so cheap.

you could buy the MADE IN JAPAN ones from OfficeDepot and return them to FUTURESHOP with your FS bill, thus getting the MIJ dvd’s at the MITwn price.

October listings at videohelp show that some people in Canada (and all buying at FS or BB) are getting (Verbatim) MCC01RG20 4x DVD-R in the Dynex 200 packs. For the DVD+R, one listing even said the outer box packaging said 4x but the discs themselves have “8x” stamped right on them and turned out to be (Verbatim) MCC03. If true, 200 MCC03’s for C$34.99 is one helluva deal. MIDs and stamping quality are always a crapshoot, though, risky…

So guessin (Verbatim) MCC01RG20 4x DVD-R are crap?

No no, that’d be good. If you had a more modern burner that was good with cheap media like a newer NEC or Benq, I’d say give them a try, regardless of what they are. But with an old drive like a Pioneer A04 there’s a pretty good chance of having problems if you end up getting cheapo discs like AML. Furthermore, even with the most up to date firmware on your drive, the newer 8x discs are not intended to burn at slower speeds such as 2x, they usually actually burn much better at 8x, their rated speed. Burning these newer 8x discs at 2x very often leads to very poor burns, believe it or not.

I say go for the cheapo Dynex discs and see what you get. If you get MCC discs, great. If you get crappy discs and your burner can’t burn them decently, take that as an opportunity to upgrade your burner to something like a Benq 1640 :smiley:

furball69 just reported that his Dynex are the AML 4X-R. If you can get the MCC01RG20, they shouldn’t be too crappy since you will be burning them @2X only. What you can do is get a 200 pack home and look for the laser etched serial number around the hub. If it is something like ZCxxxx-DVR-H47C, then they should be MCC code media. The discs are wrapped in clear plastic with transparent discs on both ends. So it is very easy for you to read the serial number without taking any of the plastic wrap off. If they are not MCC discs, you can return them to FS for refund.

Ok worse case scenario I get these discs, whats the worst that could happen?

The drive doesn’t like them … and catches fire.

This causes your house to burn down with all your possessions. Your wife/gf/significant other (if you have one) will leave, citing how incompetent you are and that you are bad in bed. To rub salt into your wounds, your insurance company finds some obscure technical reason not to pay your claim to replace your house and possessions. Furthermore, the loss of productivity at work from all this causes your boss to fire you.

just kidding :slight_smile:

The worst that can happen is the disks don’t work properly and you have 200 useless disks.