Dynex 32" 720p HDTV



I have a Dynex 32" HDTV. $399. Thought it was a bargain, but a few months later prices dropped.

Works fine so far; However, refresh is way too slow as anything that moves is distorted. I guess LCD isnt as fast as old TVs were.
The picture is choppy, body parts are cut off, etc.

However, when I play movies on DVD it displays them in a box smaller than the screen.
The view area is like the old letterbox on the CRT.
There is a zoom, wide, cinema feature, but they all distort the picture.
Old non-HD movies play in full screen vertically with bars on left and right.
This is hugely disappointing as I was expecting to view movies on a bigger screen, but got a 27" view once again.


What you are likely seeing is the the actual aspect ratio of the movie you are watching converted to a 1080 format. Most movies a shot in a wider format than the 16:9 ratio of HDTVs, To display the full picture the (image at full width) will have dark bars at the top and bottom. This happens on all HDTVs so don’t blame your TV set. Really there is no one to blame. It is just a product of how most theater based movies are filmed. Most TV shows are shot in the 16:9 format and will, or should, fill out the screen from edge to edge.