Dynex 16x ricohjpnro3?

i just read somewhere that these dynex 16x media was r03’s

anyone try them out yet?

Dynex uses a variety of suppliers. You get what you get.


well damn, i am trying to get some to test

oh well

According to www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia :

16x Dynex are RICOHJPNR03, but there’s always that slight, slight possibility that you’ll grab a spindle and get something else that no one has reported yet. The history of Dynex discs on there seem to all be only one media code per speed, so the chances of that happening are very unlikely. So, go ahead and give em a try!

Hmm, I’d passed those up when I saw them at BB thinking they were RITEKR04. I might have to grab a spindle sometime.

So you mean these are not anywhere near as bad as the Cicero brand dvdr that their sister store Future Shop sells? Hope Future Shop gets some 16x Dynex in!! All mine has right now is 4x :frowning:

Who makes the Cicero media?