DYNEX 16x +R (RITEK R05): what do you think?

i usually get these kind of burns from them (pack of 100). looks pretty good. i’ll post one of a full disc later, but it’s usually the same deal at the end too. my only concern is if they will stand the test of time. what do you guys think about this media and SONY D21 Taiwan quality and longevity?


PIE is too high for my taste and it may indicate fast media degradation in the future. That media could be ok for giveaways, but i certainly wouldn’t use them to backup important data.

Do all of you’re drives burn that kind of quality on those discs? :slight_smile:

My 2 cents is - buy TY or Verbatim.

One tip for this media. Do not switch solidburn off at 12x on this drive. Because most times there will be a big spike of errors. (Probably the normal writing strategy isn’t right !)

PIE/PIF levels mean nothing when it comes to degradation. If a disc degrades, it’s going to die regardless of the PIE/PIF levels.

I’d say the burn is good for every day stuff. If you got it for cheap then that’s a big bonus. The error levels don’t mean that much. If the disc is compatible with your dvd player(s) and you trust that this media won’t degrade, there’s no reason to not use them.

My verdict is:

If they are cheaper than Verbatim by a decent amount, then it’s ok. But if you paid the same for those or more than Verbatim media, I’d have to say that’s not completely satisfying but acceptable.

I thought Dynex 16x +R was like Playo fake MCC media made in China.

No dynex is mostly ritek made but at a time they were able to sell rejected Mitsubishi made DUal Layer MKM001.Stuff what didn’t pass Mitsubishi’s standards for there own media. And media mostly showing cosmetical defects as well. Dye in the hub and more of that stuff.

No, single-layer Dynex used to be mostly Ritek and Ricoh, but now is mostly fake MCC, made in China, at least in the 50-packs. There may be some some MIT still being sold in the 100-packs, but that’s never on sale at Best Buy, where most of us have seen it, so we don’t bother.

Where are you getting your Dynex media and how much is it costing you? If it’s more than $15 for a 100-pack, it’s overpriced.

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yeah… looking at my scan records, PIE max on verbatim for me are always under 20, most of the time under 12.

on my benq’s i know for sure i usually get these kind of results. the pioneer and the samsung i would have to try again benq burns this media better, but i am anticipating higher jitter :stuck_out_tongue:

i get them for just under $20 for a pack of 100 and verbatim, $18 for 50. i usually get one of each. i also get sony D21 +r 100 pack when it’s on sale for $25.

surely, for critical data i use verbatim MCC-003/004. for everything else i use mostly sony D21 +r and dynex RITEK-G05 +r. some data i won’t miss if they disappear one day.

the only dynex i have with fake verbatim code is the 16x -r 100 pack that was 5.99 on black friday. my friends get these because they look and feel like they will deteriorate soon.

Don’t you mean Ritek R03 - there’s no RITEK G05 DVD+R :confused:

RITEK R05, sorry.

i hear verbatim 50 packs are on sale at best buy for $12… hmmmm~~ :bigsmile:

12.99 and todays the last day, I stocked up last Sunday when the sale sarted.