Dynex 16x DVDRW

I put this new drive in my computer the other day, the installation went fine, and I upgraded the firmware to the latest version using the supplied program.

My problem is the drive will not play dvd movies. When I load one into the computer, it will recognize the disc, even tell me all the information about the dvd in windows media, and I am able to browse the disc’s contents in explorer, but any time I try to play the video or rip from the dvd the program will completely freeze and I’ll have to manually shut down the computer for the program to close (even if I eject the disc). I have tried several different programs to play the dvd’s, such as WMP, PowerDVD, and WinDVD, and none work.

I am able to burn dvd movies, as well as read and burn CD’s, and the information supplied with the burner says it will play dvd movies, so does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

You have too many dvd player softwares installed (even you have some of them uninstalled) - they will conflict each other.