Dynex 16x. Anyone know what it really is?



Can anyone tell me what this is before the rebadging? I cant tell from any pics I have.


I think in another thread it was proved to be an old LG, and you should not buy this.


An old LG? What model? How old?


It looks like a Pioneer OEM.


What model could it be?


Doesn’t look like Pioneer, as you can see from following pioneer is completely different


BTC made the 8X model. Who knows here. Dynex office is the same address as Best Buy corporate headquarters. Their support center says they no longer carry this model and there is no firmware support. Whatever it is I would avoid it.


Its the LG GWA 4161b. And I dont know if its good bruner or not.


It is not even LG 4161B, as you can see how the LG drive look like;


Yes it is i bought it, and thats what was in the box. Not same a the pic on the front. Thats what I meant by I dont know if its a good burner or not.


Yes it is what? The LG?




It is the LG GWA 4161B. Is it worth keeping, considering it was a lot less than the external newest LG model.


Sorry, does that mean its bad? :confused:


I don’t know. I was just answering pchilsons question. I guess he missed you saying that.


Well over a dozen posts and still no answer.


Sorry I can’t find the old thread, but I’m pretty sure I recall correctly someone who seemed to be working at Futureshop stating it was indeed the LG model mentioned here.


Avoid 4161 model anyway. 4163 costs just US$60.


Im going to return it. Its like getting one of those surprise bags as a kid. You never know whats inside until you get to the parking lot and open it. Except Im not very happy with what was inside. I knew this would happen too, I have to remember its impossible to go shop for anything like this with my twins hanging off my legs;I got impatient because they were and i just bought the thing to get out of there.