Dynamic IP Adress!



Hy guyz! Who can help me!
I would like to make a webserver with the Internet Information Server BUT I have a dynamic IP Adress for 8 hours and then I become a other IP!
Someone who can help me??

Thanks in Advance

Big Daddy


uh, if you connect to inet and you never disconect then you wont get a new ip 8 hours or not or you already should have to be kicked of by your isp just for a new ip

but staying always online is expensive if you dont have cable, what is your case i guess

shit submitted to early what i would suggest try DynIP or some sort of prog http://www.dynip.com cracks at http://astalavista.box.sk

should do it

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MY ISP kicks me out after 8 hours!

Fuckin shit!

Plaze help me!