Dying Sony DRU-810A!

I just bought this drive a couple of months ago and it keeps dying on me. It happens after a number of ejects and closes. By saying it dies, i mean it won’t eject anymore either via the eject button or right clicking on the drive icon (which results to freezing of the “my computer”/windows explorer window). The only way to get it to work again is by using the emergency eject button. After that it opens and closes so fast that the tray looks like it’s coming out all the way out or goes all the way inside. Then, after a few days, the tray starts to open/close in slow motion and eventually won’t come out anymore. The thing is, when it’s working, it burns any format flawlessly and in fact, and when i tried to use SONY’s dianostic tool when the problem occurs it’s still recognized but the test just won’t go through because it’ll ask to insert a disk which is the actual problem. I called support 4 times already and they offered different solutions that never worked. I don’t know but they seem to be hesitant to offer an RMA. Anyway, i’m hoping anyone has an idea of what could be causing this and if there is a fix. I have Sony’s latest firmware on it 1.0e. Tks… (for reading my long post :wink: )

Where did u buy it from? On line stores except for the very best are always hesitant. I would just tell them ‘yes’ every time they;ve ask you if you’ve tried something so that you dont have to keep phoning/emailing them again. you’ve got to put your foot down. I think it needs to be RMA’d I havent seen any solutions for drive loading mechanism problems, but i;m relatively new here so lets see if anyone else has any input.

I actually called Sony support since the unit is beyond the 30 day period (i bought this from tigerdirect.com, online indeed). I’m just a little frustrated that some of their technicians seem to be making wild guesses with their trouble shooting. One of the girl technician i spoke to said, “the latest firmware should fix the problem”, and i was like what?, are you sure? and she said “yes”. well, i was right and she was wrong… Anyway, we’ll see if somebody has an idea… As for Sony Support, i 'm giving them a few days before calling again… tks…

LOL, funny that, I have a sony DRX-800UL (the external version of the dru-800) and I thought there was something wrong with it as it would not reach 16x burning, when its specs clearly stated it could. You know what they were telling me>? That it was burning at a lower speed because it knew the media was not suitable, meanwhile I was burning with 16x rated Verbatim media. Well because I am in europe, I would only have had to send it back to the e-tailer where i bought it, pixmania.co.uk, and get a replacement. I spoke to two different people, and both told me the same thing. The second person i spoke to said he’d look into it and phone me back, amazingly he did, and told me he hadnt encountered this before (after telling him what media i was using, after saying that i was using a laptop etc) and then he just expected me to be happy with 12x burns etc. It wasnt the fact that i dont even normally burn at 16x anyway, I just thought well, I paid twice the cost of a normal drive to have a prebuilt external, i want what is says on the box lol. Well i took it to a friends house to test and guess what? It burns at 16x fine lol.

Strangely enough, sony tech support know f-all, in fact they know less than most people here, the guy I spoke to was french, and maybe thats why he hadnt heard of the brand; Taiyo Yuden, or maybe my south african pronounciation is bad, who knows. As I say, just tell them its busted and 'yes you’ve tried that’to every suggestion they make, say you;ve tried loads of different media, you’ve tried it on different computers, heck make up stuff man. Oh, and make sure you get the name down of the person who dealt with you from the word go, as it will save you having to repeat yourself if you have to phone them back.

All this may sound a bit much, but what do you want? a busted drive and you having wasted your time?