Dying 811s?

I know this drive is already dead due to lack of FW, but I’ve been trying to fool around with omnipatcher to get a little more life out of it, with bad results. Recently I got the staples 8x +Rs on sale (for free actually) so I reflashed the most recent stock FW and it does support the disks, but has burnt terrible. Most recently I tried a 4x burn and it gave me the “best” scan yet, however when I scan the same disk on my 160p6s the disk is fine up until the end :confused:
which scan should I trust?
anyone have any suggestions for prolonging the life of my 811 (or should I just give it up and cough up the $40 for another 160p6s :rolleyes: )

scaned with 811s:

same disk scaned with 160p6s:

if you already have a 160p6s, then there’s no need for a 811s.

The 811S gives “acceptable” results with very few media codes only, other than that it is one big potential coaster factory. And as a scanner it’s no good either (you can see that for yourself above).

its in my second comp