Dying 716SA?

Recently after rebuilding my pc my burner keeps randomly locking up while burning. It started by locking up when at 99% of being done with any burning program and more recently started locking up randomly anytime during the burn. I do not get any error messages from the software, just locks up and I have to hard reset my PC as it won’t shutdown/restart on its own afterwards. Just last night it locked up while I was copying some files from a DVD and once dissappear from the bios scan and this leads me to believe the drive is going bad. I didn’t have problems that I could remember before I rebuilt my pc from my intel based system (p4 2.6c with i875 chipset) to my new Dual core Opteron system with a ULI based chipset (ULi M1695/ ULi M1567), I have tried both the south bridge’s sata ports, the sata2 connector (JMB360 chipset), upgraded the firmware on my drive to the latest out and changed sata cables with pretty much the same results. The problem seems to be getting progressivly worse as time goes on which leads me to believe it was just a fluke it started to get flakey after my upgrade. Just to make sure however, before I buy another burner (my plextor is about 2 months out of warrenty :a ), I’m looking for some advice if there is anything else I can do to fix it.

I seriously doubt the ULi SATA controller fully supports the Plextor. The ICH5 SATA controller on the Intel board on the other hand works perfectly with it, which is why you experienced no problems then. I doubt the drive itself is bad.

Thats what I kind of figured, strange it works sometimes but not all the time. Question then, does anyone know how this drive behaves with nforce4 boards? I have a evga nforce4 SLI board here thats not in use that I could repace for the ULI board. If that one might work with it I could swap them out. Tonight after work I’m going to try the self dianostics and see if it makes a difference and report back.

I don’t have a 716SA, but I do have a 755SA, and it works fine on an Asus A8N SLI board with the nForce4 chipset. The 716SA should work with nForce4.

I think I’ve decided its not worth the trouble to tear my pc appart again, might just pickup a PX716a or maybe try a addin SATA controller and see if that helps at all instead. Thanks again for the help guys.

If you do get a PCI SATA controller, look for one with the Sil 3112 chipset (the Adaptec SATAConnect card uses it).

Anyone try this card with a Px716? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16815124020

Its listed as working on plextors site and seems to be a pretty cheap fix, just wanted to know if anyone had some experience with it to verify that.