Dye rings are burning..what does it mean?

I have used Primarily Teon 8x dvd+r(MCC03)/dvd- r (CMC)and TY02 8x dvd+r from Sony

On P9/T9…TY02 @ 12x or 16x burn…no rings QS is generally 12x 97, 16x 92-95
MCC03 @12xalways faint ring on outer 3/4 disc QS is 97
CMC @12x maybe a faint ring…QS 97/99(but this is misleading the PIE are 1-2 million)

On U9 TY02 12x burn no wopc…outer ring QS 97
TY02 @16xburn with wopc ring in the inner 1/3…very noticable…QS 97!
MCC03 @12x again outer ring no matter wopc/on off QS97
CMC @8x wopc off faint ring

What does this dye ring(which have seen referred to as a dye melt) means…will the data be lost…is it really a bad disc

Strange how my TY02 batch 01133 0408 at U9…gets rings but not with P9 or T9

I get rings on the dvds I burn on 1620 with various media, like, prodisc r03, mcc003, daxon az2, sony08d1, etc., I can see rings on all of them after burned on the 1620 but they all play back fine on all 3 of my standalone dvd players and quality score is always from 90 to 97 etc., I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. For the record I don’t get any rings on the same media stated above when burned with NEC 3500, however I get better quality results with the 1620a but with the rings. Again, I don’t think it’s a matter of concern as long as the media reads back fine and the quality test show a good result.

In my case I see rings now on TY02 with U9 fw that I do not see with same media on P9/T9
I guess there is some laser calibration change???..also getting rings in different places too…I will burn a few more…but I hate to waste media

I am thinking even though I like the idea of qsuite I think the burn looks better(the underside of the disc) with P9/T9

Someone else must have opinion…Are we sure the burn on your NEC is truly of porrer quality???I would think an even burn on the dye is better for long term than ring…where I would assume there is more potentioal for data loss

the rings are nothing more than the write strategy of the drive put onto the disc.(the drive changes speed and a ring starts).no worries. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply

I remember this to be true for the CD writers as speed shifted

But what makes no sense is previous fw did not do this just the U9 on TY02…also the ring at 16x is inner part of the disc where speed is running at 6-8x range…12x I am getting the ring at outer 3/4

I should note my MCC03 branded Teon 8x@12x give same ring on all fw…this is why I am concerned what is different with U9 and TY02

I am disappointed with U9…I think I am going back to T9 or P9…those rings make no sense

Isnt the write strategy the same for TY02 on P9/T9/U9???

nealh, i think ‘looking at a dvd’ has another meaning for you… :slight_smile:
sorry, coudn’t resist.

some dye’s may be darker is why you don’t see the rings.I can see rings in all my CAV(over 4x) burned media.Look carefully.If the older FW worked better,go back to it and stick with it.Always stick to what works best for you. :slight_smile:

Ok…I must be dense…sorry…I missed the joke…

Nosmartz…I am probably concerned about nothing but I find it odd that the U9 fw creates a ring when no other firmware I use does this

I just find it odd

I feel something wrong. Is the ring so noticeable?
I used to burn DVDs by my NEC 2500 which has basically Z-CLV method. When the burner change its burn speed, the dye color changed a little bit. But as you guys know, BenQ 1620 uses P-CAV method and there’s no reason to observe a discontinuous coloring. As far as I remember, my 1620 didn’t show it. OK. I didn’t seriously checked it so… there could be something if I examine it with a microscope. At least, no noticable color change such as I observed for 2500 was detected.

It wasn’t a very good joke… But seriously, I would not worry about these rings unless the movie starts skipping at the point where you see a ring.

/edit I checked a bunch of burns and found 1 with a visible ring. It was a 16x Philips C16 +r, a quality scan showed nothing noticeable at the point of color change.

The ring looks like faint loss of dye as a complete ring…on TY02 only with U9 fw…always get it on MCC03 so I am sure it is a dye/disc issue