"Dye" - is Datawrite MCC the same as Verbatim MCC?

Is there any diff in discs that uses mcc dye?




Stick with Verbs for the MCC dye, atleast they have a reputations for quality. Datawrite on the other hand have earned the nickname Datashite, should give you an idea of the quality they sell.

By the way the MCC is a mid code and so can be faked.

Dye alone doesn’t make a good disc.

Incase of the above I can say that
Verbatim has to apply to MCC quality standards which are higher as the standards for Datawrite titanium. So you may expect that MCC performs a bit more consistant/ better overall. Still if you buy both it is possible that you can have datawrite titanium disc’s that burn just as good or better as your batch of verbatims but the change is much smaller as the other way arround.

So does that mean titanium is a bad choice ?
No the point is you get what you pay for. Datawrite titanium can perform quite nice. I said can. Because expect a higher variation in performance (because of quality issues) and no waranty.
There is a reason why these disc’s are cheaper.

I agree. The Titanium MCC MID isnt faked though. Datawrite buy poorer quality media from CMC (as CMC make MCC media). Verbatim gets the best stuff though.

So whereas Verbatim are almost always great quality, Datawrite are not always great as there is a high amount of variation…hence the cheaper price.

According to Dakhaas (if I’m not mistaken, too much info running in my head :bigsmile: ), Datawrite MCC is not faked, but E-net would buy these directly from CMC Magnetics or Prodisc (who manufacture MCC media for Mitsubishi/Verbatim), not from Mitsubishi themselves. So the production line and quality control would be very different.
edit just see that Chancoluuk already mentioned the point while I was typing… :bigsmile: - re-edit and Dakhaas also! :doh:

Besides, the mediacode doesn’t refer to the dye [I]per se[/I]. Common misconception. It refers to the overall characteristics/technology of a disc, and its purpose is to tell the firmware to use the relevant burning strategy. As JayC30 mentions, it can easily be faked: the apps “identifying” the disc have no way to tell if the disc is genuine or not, they just retrieve the mediacode from the “pre-recorded” info on the disc. Nothing else.

I wasn’t saying that TItanium faked the MID, I was just saying they can be. Franck has explained why, I didn’t say anything about why as I Was unsure about my knowledge in that area.

No, Datawrite and all other e-net labels are confirmed as having used B-Grade dyes, ect. So think of them as Verbatim rejects. Also keep in mind that there are a number of fakes running around. I won’t trust any disc with the MCC code that doesn’t have the Verbatim label.

Not b-grade dye’s but yes stuff that verbatim rejects may end up on datawrite !
Well you can trust the big brands (SONY/PHILIPS) when they use MCC code on occasions.