Dye fades after burn, like 2 shades, light and deep?



sorry people, this is my 1st post so be gentle.
Hope this is the right place to ask for help.
I have noticed recently that my Ritek G05 disks after burning that they have a light burn and a dark burn(only way I can describe). The light burn is always just before the end. The dvd`s still play perfectly,was just wondering is this the start of a problem.

using Toshiba SD-R5272


It’s probably not a problem. The dark area is probably the area that is actually burnt. The light area is probably the unrecorded area. On most discs the areas are easily differentiable with the eye.


Thanks, I dont think I explained it properly. The actual burn is divided into 2 shades , dark, then its light, then comes the rest of the disk that is not burned on, hope that explains it, it just looks wierd.



Most drives have speeds and the speeds adjust the laser intensity. It will start up slow and then shift if it detects it can burn faster. Some will down shift if needed. Many will lock their speed at a fixed rate/say 8X or 12X. Some software packs will allow you to select a fixed speed and sometimes that works!
If it plays well then no problem!

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Sounds like a Zone-CLV strategy, you may even see 4 variations in an 8x burn

  1. 4x region
  2. 6x region
  3. 8x region
  4. unburned area

Some drives may start with 6x, but it is not possible to spin the media fast enough to get to 8x at the start.

It’s also possible for the drive to downshift from the highest speed to keep the error rate from climbing toward the end, but most don’t - even though it would probably be better if they did - but then, it would be better if they got a good burn, then made it fast, than a fast burn, then try and make it good!


Thanks guys, not sure I understand your answers, but hey thanks for taking the time to reply.


It has to do with how media is recorded. At faster speeds, burners can only attain maximum speed at the outer edges of the disc so they burn at a slower speed at the beginning. Some burners change speed gradually and this results in a consistent appearance to the burned area. Some burners change speeds abruptly and this can result in the appearance of a banded area where it changes speeds.