Dye blotch on Datawrite Yellow RitekG04 harmless? pic



didn’t check before burning. had no problems burning and nero speed test has a nice curve without any drops to show difficulty in reading. Should I be worried about a defect like this? why doesn’t it affect reading/writing?

white dot is dust


I’d check another couple of discs from the center and bottom of the spindle to see if this was an isolated problem. If you find more discs like this, I’d return the whole batch for exchange or refund. In my mind, any dye defects are either problems now or will be later.

I had problems with a 100pk of Verbatim -R MIT. 4 out of 6 discs off the top displayed dye defects after burning. When held up to the light, they looked like dark specks that had comet-like tails radiating out towards the edge of the disc. 1 of these disc was a coaster and the other 3 scanned poorly.