DXG unveils pricey 3D camcorder



DXG unveils pricey 3D camcorder.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2010/06/TYMuSi.jpg[/newsimage]The popularity of 3D technology has been evident throughout the Computex technology show in Taipei, with 3DTVs, 3D Blu-ray and 3D camcorders announced.  DXG showed off an impressive 3D camcorder, but the gadget is expected to be extremely expensive.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/dxg-unveils-pricey-3d-camcorder-30515/](http://www.myce.com/news/dxg-unveils-pricey-3d-camcorder-30515/)

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Although I see great promise in this technology, the fact that DXG didn’t release a price means it’s highly unlikely most of us will own one of these anytime soon.


$10,000 3D camcorder FTL!


Human eyes are about 2.5 inches apart. Why do the lenses on this look to be only about an inch apart? Wouldn’t that mess up the human perspective (depth perception)?