DX-20A4H problem

I finally decide to join modern world and purchase a DVD Burner. Not wanting to spend a bunch of money I opted to look for an external DVD Burner rather then getting an internal one for my laptop. Watching adds for a couple of weeks I came across a deal at Office Max this week for a Lite On Model DX-20A4H06C with a Manufactured Date of Feb 2008. Even got a buy one get one free deal on some Magnavox 1-16x DVD+R discs.

Get home download the Nero 7 Essentials Software.

Have some programs on the Toshiba laptop (windows xp) I’ve been saving to put on a dvd. Simple games and such, bigger than a single CD by themselves.

The problem I am running into the computer DVD Ram drive with no disc inside and plugged in with a USB. I put a disc in and it recognizes it as a CD Rom drive now and get a E: is not accessible Incorrect Function.

Decide to read the owners manual and Magnavox DVD+R isn’t a recommended brand. It’s late last night so I take the manual to Meijers and look at their selection. Come up with a Maxell DVD-R that is on the list of recommended so off to home I go. Put the disc in and get the same results however the Icon on my E drive now saids there is a DVD-R disc in put the drive is a CD Rom. :expressionless:

Today I’ve looked for a update on the driver, firmware, etc. I’m just not savvy enough to know where to find the fix

Spent time this afternoon searching the net and came across this forum. I’ve read the “read this first items” before making this post.

The questions I have are:

Is the a disc problem, meaning I’m not choosing the write items?

Is this a Windows XP problem not reading my burner right. (APAPI DVD A 204AH USB Device)?

Is there anyway to fix my problem or do I need to exchange this out for a different product?

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated!


You have to use Nero to burn; it’s a separate progam, and is not directly integrated into Windows [for the most part]. Check your Programs menu for an entry labeled “Nero” or “Ahead”, and keep going until you find the shortcut labeled “Nero Express”, “Nero Essentials”, or the like. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt rather stuppy. :rolleyes: Needless to say I’ve made my first data dvd. There is no stopping me now. lol.