I cannot find a firmware for this product and when I first bought it I was led to believe that the DH-20A3H firmware was fully compatible with the unit. This may be true as I have not found fault with it yet but for some weird personal reason I find it difficult to use firmware that were not initially made for a particular unit so I contacted Liteonit support and they responded with this quote.

“” Dear Sir or Madam,
Thank you for contacting LiteON IT Support.
Sorry to tell you that we don`t have firmware of DX-20A3H.
We have not release all of our products information on our website, only some
representative products.
The model of DX-20A4H have the similar function and installation steps of DX-20A3H.
you can get the reference information from link:
Welcome to email us if you have any other question.

As anyone should be able to see, this indicates, if read with leniency, that possibly the DX-20A4H firmware MAY BE compatible with my unit, but again I don’t like fully believing what I read from a support person unless there is some kind of back up in black and white on a website somewhere. I already know that the DX-20A4H firmware from Liteon DOES NOT allow upgrade of my DX-20A3H unit so I’m in a quandry about whether or not to try the flash routines available here.

Also, I would like if anyone has the original firmware for the DX-20A3H05C, please make it available in some fashion. I have responded to the above Liteon email requesting clarification but I doubt I will get any, as I was less then enthused with the obscurity involving their last response.

Thank you all, very much

The dx is the same drvie as the dh except for the fact that the dx is an external model. Firmware for the DH will work fine on the DX.

So pfloyd 1, you’re indicating that the email from Liteon support may be in error regarding the similarities and possible firmware compatibility of the DX-20A4H?

I already have the DH-20A3H firmware installed and I don’t remember there being any problem whatsoever installing it. I don’t mind crossflashing as I have had to do it on several units over the years to get them to operate as they should have to begin with.

But I am very curious about the statement from LiteON indicating the supposed similarity between the available DX-20A4H support and the unit in my possession.

I would love to hear from people who may have tried such crossflashing and what their results were.

Again, thank you all.

Why does one have to go to an outside source to get real support when the manufacturer decides it is unnecessary to respond to intelligent questions. Just a muse on my part. I’ve been doing this for a very long time.

I missread you message. Do not flash the 20a3h with the firmware of the 20a4h.
You can use firmware for the dh-20a3h on the dx-20a3h.