DWU18A firmware/rip speed

Hi. i already have the UYS1 (feb 10th 2004) firmware on my DWU18A drive (aka liteon SOHW-812S) has anybody heard anything about unlocking rip speeds? im stuck at average 6x for video AND data DVDs…


am using Win XP Home with P4 2.4Ghz processor and DW-U18A in external USB.20 case (am on a laptop). 512MB ram. using RecordNow Max 4.5 by Stomp, works wonderfully. (Nero has “SCSI command aborted” errors for DVD-Rs, UGH)

I thought it ripped at 8x?

AFAIK, nobody’s unlocked it yet.

hi. well the DVD read speed advertised is 12x but it seems to never go above 7x in nero drive speed, and on the `dvd speed test it started at 4 and rose to 8 before coming down to 4, so yes a max. of 8x but average of 6x. but doesnt the advertised 12x dvd read speed refer to rip speed as well? shouldnt they be the same?

I personally don’t have much experience with the UYS1 firmware, but my guess is that, like most drives, the full rip speed applies only for single-layer DVD-ROM discs. Dual-layer -ROM discs as well as recordable +R and -R discs will be read at a slower rate (for most LiteOn drives, this means half the speed, i.e., max of 6x, average of something less than 6x). Supposedly, UYS1 has the limit set a bit higher, with the rip speed set at a max of 8x instead of 6x (but the 8x is acheived only when reading the very outer edges… if your disc doesn’t have data at the very outer edges, it’ll never reach 8x).

Get a single layer pressed -ROM disc, and see if it goes up to 12x max at the outer edges.

hey thanks, i’ll try that. how do i know if its single layer though? if its a DVD-ROM commercial movie and less than 4.7 GB that means its single layer? :S

Yes, otherwise, the SmartBurn tool reports the number of layers that a disc has.


you guys were right, a single layer pressed DVD ROM read at an average of 8x. started at 5x and got up to just over 10x at the outer layer. so definitely faster but no way 12x!

thanks, Kyle