DWU18A (812S) not able to burn

i have 2 brand new drives DWU18A and CRX320E as i’ve built a new system. They are both behaving exactly the same as they’re manufactured by the same company. Here’s the deal:

  • Both are able to read all media
  • Both are able to burn with supplied “NTI CD-Maker 6 Gold”
  • Nero 6 Ultra claims they are being used by another program
  • Nero 5.5 burns coasters
  • Easy CD Creator is unable to detect either
  • Global Hawk CDRWIN is unable to detect either

I’ve got UYS1 firmware on it right now. I’m just REALLY lost why it’s able to read and burn with that one piece of software but other software packages are giving me various errors.

Please if anybody can help, throw out some suggestions and i will forever be :bow:

You may have too many burning programs installed or else some of the software might not be up to date.

well, i’ve installed so many progs testing to see if any of the others will work…hehe. the sony supplied software was the last piece installed and that’s the one that worked. still though, none of the others will work. are there any drivers/xp updates that i need to run?