Dwindling choices in optical drives

I was window shopping at Newegg today and decided to look in on the optical drives. Their choices for internal dvd burners (full size, not slim drives) fits on one page. When you eliminate the clones and the one leftover Sony Optiarc that is soon to disappear, we are down to four drives.

Samsung SH-224BB (OEM)
Lite-On iHAS324
Lite-On iHAS124-04 (OEM)

And the selection amongst the blu ray burners is hardly better. If they didn’t have retail and OEM models, we’d be even more constricted in choice at Newegg.

Pioneer BDR-208DBK (OEM)
Pioneer BDR-2208
Lite-on IHBS312-98
Lite-on IHBS112-04 (OEM)

I didn’t include Asus since they rebadge drives.

Its a sad state of affairs. And from the little reading I’ve been doing on drives, there don’t seem to be any outstanding dvd burners left. The blu ray burners seem to fare better in our informal user reviews/reports.

That’s why I have 6 AD-7200’s sitting in the closet

DVDRW are going to disappear in a few years, just Bluray drives that will play DVD also.

But building a very entry-level desktop and therefore being able to choose among those four models, is anyone of them good enough for reliable data storage?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I don’t know if there is much to choose from among those drives Shinou. I’m not a Lite-on fan, so I don’t keep up with them. I’d get the LG probably, if I were forced to choose one, but I also only use high quality media.

Luckily this PC is designed for someone who uses good quality media too, especially for important data (double storage copy of work data…) :slight_smile: