DW830a new firmware B4C8


I have a 800A flashed to 830A firmware B4A8.
Tried to flash with new the new firmware but get the msg:

Warning : Unknown the drive type!

Can someone patch this firmware so it will work, or extract the firmware to .CVT?

Any progress on the DOS flash utilitie or windows flasher so I can convert my drive back to 822 or 800?


Hmm, interesting. Maybe something they did on purpose.

I haven’t given up on looking for a solution to the mod problem. I wish there was a little more help in the Benq camp.

After looking at it there are alot of new strings not found in any fw before. It seems they are tryijg to make sure no 800 or 822 @830 users can update to a newer fw :frowning:

“The drive and firmware not match”
“Drive and F/W not match!”
“The drive and firmware not match!”

I wouldn’t be surprised to see changes in the next 822 fw to prevent 800@822 from upgrading. If it possible to detech a 800/822 difference as it seems it is for a 800/830 difference.

Good news :slight_smile:
I was able to patch this firmware so that you will be able to upgrade.
I’ll be making a patcher in a few. Anyone know what this firmware improves or changes?

This patch can be used to allow you to upgrade your 800@830 to the newer B4C8 fw.
I tested this and you can flash back to B4A8 if you like.

Note: Still no way to go back to 822 or 800 so I don’t recommend any new users going 800/822@830.

800and822@830toB4C8.zip (14.9 KB)

Yes, it worked, will try to burn som discs and see if it any better then the old.
Notices on the B4A8 that the drive made som clicks during the burn and that on some of the movies when played in a standalone DVD it paused a second sometimes during playback.

Thanks to DMagic1 for that patcher.
Recently upgraded my DW800@830 to B4C8 firmware.
And successfully burned 2 Verbatim 4x DVD+R @8x.
Here is CD Speed Disc Quality scan…

PS: still waiting to go back to 800 or 822…

It rumors that, BenQ is developing a back-flashing tool for 830A@800A.

But, still not available. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

That would be nice.
Where did you hear of these rumors?

BenQ ,

Un-officially, of course.

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

I have done some test with B4C8. I have a 800 OC to 830A.
Look at the strange burn test. Drops to 4x at the end.
Maybe this is the fault in the B4C8. Also in DVDInfoPro it does not
work with the quality test.

All the other test are very good.

My DW800@830 (fw:B4C8) also drops writing speed to 4X after 3GB mark with Verbatim 4X DVD+R (MCC 002). I think that’s pretty strange.

I have those same media(MCC 002). It drops to 4x at the end also. Its the only media that I have that does that. I assumed it was the write strategy for that media code.

It does the same thing in B4A8.

I also upgraded my 800a to a 830a, but my Memorex 4x +R media has always written at 8x with the B4A8 firmware. Was this supposed to be an issue before the latest B4C8 update?
Regarding the utility that Benq is supposedly working on to reverse the 830a back to the original 800a, I imagine there will be a cost from Benq for this product. Maybe it will somehow be invoked from the web so nobody actually owns the utility.

What we were talking about was with MCC 002 media.

I have upgraded my 800A to an 822A (B3IC firmware). Is the above quote still your opinion: That cautious users like me should not upgrade to 830A firmware at all?

Yes it is still my opinion.

I haven’t made any progress in the flash back area. I don’t have any problems with my 800@830 but I have yet to get any dl media to test that aspect. If you experienced any problems after going to 830 there would be no way to reverse the process. Your better off staying at 822 and waiting for the Benq dl fw update for the 822.

to DMagic1:

What chances that there’ll be a working flash-back utility???

a dos flasher is being worked on by TDB, wich might help this cause