DW822A -R Firmware Issue When Read by the Philips 642 DVD Player?


I recently picked up a BenQ DW822A as a second DVD burner drive for my system (I wanted to see first hand just how well the walking OPC actually works for the 822 drive). I already had a LiteOn 451 drive which I’d reflashed with the latest 832 firmware.

I picked up the cheap ProdiscS03 media (thanks to pureangst for letting us know about the uComputers http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=102069 deal), and proceeded to run some tests on it.

Since I also have the LiteOn drive, I was able to use KProbe to check the burn quality - and it looked great. HOWEVER - I was COMPLETELY UNABLE to load any of the burned movies on my Philips 642 stand-alone DVD player - the disc was always REJECTED (I tried three different ProdiscS03 discs). They did load and run fine on the computer, however.

I then burned a few discs using the LiteOn. KProbe again showed great burn quality, perhaps even slightly better than with the 822. All of these discs were recognized by the Philips player and they all played perfectly.

So what does this mean? Is this an 822 firmware issue, with the drive perhaps somehow mis-writing the -R headers and perhaps the Philips 642 player being picky about it, but the computer being OK with it? I don’t think it’s marginal media, because KProbe says they’re all great scans.

Also, note that +R media burns and loads fine on the Philips 642; it’s just the -R Prodiscs that show any issues - and then only with the BenQ 822.

Anyway, I’m curious. Does anyone else out there have a Philips 642 player and if so have they been successful loading -R media (not just Prodisc but any -R type) burned with the BenQ 822? If so, were you running the latest B3IC firmware/latest 642 firmware?

I seem to recall having the same problem some months ago while using the same combo as you. IIRC this happened when I used the BookType management software. Unfortunately I only tried a few -R discs on the Benq and from then on I’ve used +R media with no issues as you.

Although I am far from being an expert on such things, I have noticed similar phenomenon with my PS2. I only have the BenQ 822 burner. My Ps2 plays blah dvd+r media just fine, but can’t seem to take any of the dvd-r media I’ve burned with the 822!

It was really interesting to witness my ps2 play a burned copy of devil may cry 2 [on a princo dvd-r disc] I bought a year ago, and not able to play any of the games I’ve burned onto the prodisc dvd-r media. Blah.

Btw, it may be due to the fact that I’ve done the bitsetting of the dvd+r into dvd-rom format using BenQ’s tool. I guess in your situation your best bet is to use your lite-on for movies, since - media is cheaper than + in these parts [Toronto]. Since I only have the 822, cheap Pine dvd+r 25 packs at canadacomputers ($19.99) worked well for me :).

I have exact the same situation as Spartane. All DVD-R disks I burnt with BenQ 822A refused by Philips 642, but work with other player, while the DVD-R disks burnt with my LG burner work fine with Philips 642. No matter which brand of the disk I use. Hope somebody here can point out where the problem is.