DW822A an Nero CD/DVD-Speed

i just burned my first DVD on the DW822A+ (B3HC) and i was a little bit surprised about the speed of the drive in the quality messures.

I set the speed to 4x, but the Drive didn´t manage to run at 1,7x top. Is this only a phenomenon i get, or is the drive set to “<2x” by Benq.
Since all other Quality-Tests are done with 4x (Kprobe etc.) you can´t “compare” the result to one-an-other.

Further i noticed, that there isn´t any “PI-Failure” with the quality-Test of CD/DVD-Speed, neither by my tests, nor by the posted ones. Does the DW822A support this feature :confused: ?


You got everything right:
the speed is set by benq. They seem to think that this produces the most useful results.
the pif are not supported by now. maybe through a later firmwareupdate.

for more info read the cdspeed3 thread and the dvdinfopro3beta threads here on this board…

I’ve only had my 822A drive a few days but I’m having the exact same results as you. I’m actually using B3IC firmware though.

Sure, it produces the more SAVE results.

When you drive the car with 50 km/h you will probably survive an accident.
On the other hand, an accident at 200 km/h may be fatal :iagree:

hope that Benq turns over to the most “common” settings, e.g 4x-speed and PIF results.


>4x-speed and PIF results
Me too want this.
Maybe You want to contact benq on that topic:

Until then I use this tool to automate the process: