Dw800a Firmware Revision: B2a7 Upgrade

Hello everybody, this is my question:

I have a BENQ DW800A 8x/4x/12X +R/+RW dvd burner, with firmware revision B2A7, can i upgrade it for use -R/-RW if i use the firmware 800@822 in your page, or are other way?

  • What problems can i have if i do that, or what benefits?

  • It’s neccesary to pay 10 dlls in the oficial page for the firmware, or only i use your software ?

thanks, i hope you response my questions

Saludos desde Mexico :cool:

I think the correct way is to pay for te +/- upgrade and after that make the upgrade to 822. I don’t know if with the B2A7 is possible the upgrade, but with B3x7 is possible.

if i have a Firmware B2X7 series, can i upgrade to B3X7 series ?, and then upgrade 800@822 ?

Yes, this was my case!