Dw800a@822a b3ic


i have the dw800a@822a with b3ci firmware tested.
it burned a cheap dvd+r4x with 4x, while the b3c7 original 800a firm burned it with 8x!
does anyone had the same problem?



Difference in the max speed for the media most likely.
Maybe use DVDinfo to see what speeds its allowing for that media.

the media is a 4x, dvdinfo says 4x and 8x.
however, b3c7 makes it with 8x, b3ci with 4x.
is there something wrong with my benq or is this normal due to optimized writequality on some dvd-r media in b3ci???
(sorry for my bad english…:frowning: )



Don’t know why, if it says 8x it should burn at 8x. Maybe try another B3*C firmware.

i will try it with b3hc.
then i post the result here :wink:
you have no problems with this firm ?

b3hc doesnt let me burn my taiyo dvd-r 4x @ 8x
in dvdinfopro, it says 4x supported

in my nec2500a, i can burn taiyo dvd-r 4x @ 8x
in dvdinfo pro, it says 8x supported

anyone know why the difference

They are two different drives. As far as i know there are not too many 4x dvd-r that qualify for 8x burns with Benqs current firmware.

my question is, if benq had limited the writingspeed in b3ci for some 4x media, that can burned with b3c7 with 8x, due to better quality back to 4x!?
fore some cheaper media types?