i hope this gets released soon

the sony dru-820a is a rebadged dw1670 and already available.

Yeah… but members in this forum section prefer BenQ look front/bezel. :smiley:
Much sexier then a Sony 820. :bigsmile:

Yes I understand about the looks and the Ram capability but they cannot do Quality scans or at least the oem 1670 that I bought from CompUSA couldn’t, the drive has UDMA 4 firmware, that was what interested me but it is no faster or better than the 1640 or 1655. I don’t use RAM so I returned the drive, if Newegg comes out with them at a price under 50 bucks I will rethink it but for now most of us have many burners to use and scanning is a big part of this hobby and if you take that away the 1670 is not very special.

yeah,the 1670 look is much more special


Crap burner Crap

So is the BenQ 1640 still the best burner out there or do I need to get something else, like another BenQ or NEC for example?

Do/Did you actually have the drive that you’ve burned some media with? Or just reiterating what information you’ve collected?