DW1670 Windows XP and DVD-RAM

I have a dw1670 (rebadged I/O magic flashed to 1.02 firmware) and I wanted to use dvd-ram disks to back up some of my data. I can put in a disk, when I try and access it, it says do you want to format, I say yes, whether quick or full at the very end it says.
Windows was unable to complete the format.
This is Windows XP SP2. It is the second drive sharing with a 1640. XP is supposed to be able to format dvd-ram without any drivers. Has anyone got this working? Or is there a seperate program I can use to format them to fat32 so I can use them? The disks are Panasonic DVD-RAM 4.7 gig.

Try to format with Nero CD-DVD Speed. Extra > Erase Disc. Select Quick and press Format.


What do you need are the DVD-RAM drivers that are not included in the XP package. Please refer to the following post: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1486826&postcount=2

Note that included in the DVD-RAM driver there is a DVD-RAM format utility.