DW1670 pics: pretty (maybe) bezel w/ blue strip

here u go


Somebody should learn how to focus :Z

Give the guy a break - it was taken with his cell phone.

Somebodu has to learn how to make a Philips (good) looking bezel lol !

Dang, so pretty. Are we ever going to get this faceplate here in the US!?!?

Nice look but i i’d like to see scanning functions, and that’s why i don’t purchase this drive.

“Panasonic chipset just like the DQ60, and no quality scanning, also like the DQ60”

Sounds like another dud, DQ60 is junk, also that blue line bothers me, i think the whole line lights up being very annoying.

Thanks for those blurry pic’s and the headache!!

Next drive i’ll buy is HD/Blu-ray…long live my 1640!!!

Wow! You must be really rich then :wink:


i wasn’t the one who took the pics. Anyway, can’t expect too much from a Nokia N70, I guess