DW1670 PI/PO error reporting

I have got Benq DW1670 rewriter, upgraded firmware for latest version 103.
When I run Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.60 “Disc Quality” test with DVD media - it fails reporting “drive does not support this function”. Tech support suggested to write media on this burner and test again. I did it but result was the same.
At the same time “Disc Quality” runs successfully for CD media regardless on device it was burnt with.

BenQ tech support cannot give any intelligible answer. Can anybody help please. I have bought Benq because it was announced that all models support PI/PO error reporting. My purpose is to check my DVD library - to recognise disks that still readable but contain abnormal amount of PIF/PIE.


The BenQ 1670 does NOT do quality scans. If you wanted a BenQ that does quality scans, get the 1640/1650/1655, not sure about 1620, but that hasn’t been sold in a long time.

Same question asked before

It does!
First of all this is confirmed by BenQ tech support.
Secont - I am able to run “Disk Quality” on CD media. It is unlikely that the drive reoprts error information depending on media. Or can it? Please advise

It might do CD disk quality, but it does NOT do DVD quality scans.

It’s been confirmed by others, and known all along. I think others have said, it uses a Panasonic chipset. The others are the real BenQs which use a BenQ/Philips Nexperia chipset. That one can do DVD quality scans.

Look at this thread of 1670/820a scans. Notice there’s not one quality scan using the 1670. All the scans are done on Lite-ons or BenQ 1640/1650/1655. There’s some create disc write speed graphs, but none of the quality scans are done on a 1670 becuase it can’t do quality scans.

My 1670 is not able to do PIE PIF scans With CD-DVD Speed. It will do read error tests with scan disk. It will do all the tests on the benchmark page of CD-DVD Speed.
Although it is not capable of doing PIE PIF scanning it is a very good burner and an excellent reader.

[B]wobble[/B], have you tried to perform quality test on CD media?
actually I need drive that is able to report PI/PO. Is DW1655 a good replacement for DW1670?

Yes it is. Although if you want a neutral scanner you might want a Plextor or Lite-On. BenQ is also a good scanner but it does not like scanning “some” media burned in other drives.

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Nero Info Tool shows that the drive is capable of reading C2 errors but I always scan my CDs on a Liteon CD burner. I don’t recall ever trying it on the 1670.