DW1670: new bezel look confirmed

For those of you eager to see the new clean BenQ look with the blue stripe…

The retail version of the drive is out in Taiwan, and this is what it looks like.

Note the new logos: DVD3 [with the words Multiple Formats DVD ReWriter under it] and DCS [Dual Cooling System].

In case u never noticed e preview thread, i already posted a pic of e new bezel…

A pic of e drive when compared to 1640(wif Sony 810A faceplate)

I wonder what the OEM will look like, if there is one. :slight_smile:

Maybe the same look but without the Benq Logo.

It’s the same two logos on the old OEM plastic bezel [with a smaller eject button], the same bezel that was used for 1640/1650/1655.

It is already available at CompUSA, with OEM firmware. See here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1382693&postcount=5

I really think this drive might take awhile to hit the US markets with A BenQ name, because of all of the DQ60s that retailers are stuck with. Just my opinion, but once this drive is released the DQ60 is dead.

Why get excited by a new flashy bezel in first place… DW1670 is basically just an updated DQ60. :stuck_out_tongue:

The outcome from the new Lite-On/BenQ alliance is of bigger interest.

With the difference being that the DQ60 had UDMA 2 firmware and the BenQ 1670 has UDMA 4 firmware.

So are you saying that the new BenQ DW1670 is not the same drive as the Sony DRU 820A. Why i ask is because the Sony 820A is a better drive than my liteon 1673 or my BenQ 1640, 1655.

It’s more than that. It’s a big improvement upon DQ60 which was TEAC’s mechanical design. DW1670/DRU-820A is a BenQ chassis.

The Panasonic chipset it uses (MN103SA6GSJ) also performs well in LG GSA-4166B.

With some media (MCC RG20 and MKM00), DW1670 produces better quality burns than Nexperia-based BenQ drives.

If this drive is close to the LG 4166 performance it should do very good 16X burns. Interesting, now that Liteon owns BenQ.

Doesn’t the HP 740RI also use that chip?

Well, the 1640 is an updated 1620 and 1650 is an updated 1640 and we all get excited. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah zevia… 1620 and 1640 are good drives in the first place… I haven’t heard that much good about DQ60 :stuck_out_tongue: .
And, I’m not making any judgement about a drive not yet widly publicly released… :smiley:

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Don’t know about that alan1476, but it doesn’t support DVD-RAM burning.
Check here and here.
For sale at newegg.

Newegg is not showing the correct spec for the RI version and HP does not show the RI version either. I would not use those links as a source for the RAM abilities. As the I version does support RAM in hardware it would make sense for HP to sell the same drive at two different price points by just adding RAM in firmware.

No one list the RAM support so it is also possible that this is a totally diferent drive from the 740i, possibly not even frol LG. I guess someone will have to buy one.

Sony DRU-820 is in fact a BenQ DW1670 rebadged, see this thread.