DW1655 Temperature



Lately I’ve noticed that when the drive is in constant use the media is warm when I take it out. I noticed this after installing a game as well as after burning. I did not notice this with previous burners (Plextors). Is this ok? Does anyone experience this??


Disc rotation, mostly at high speed, generate calor.

This is rather normal.


I’ve been getting this from my 1640 as well… but it really started once the spring/summer seasons came in.


Try doing a QS scan and it’ll be very warm, and summer not even here yet.


Actualy, I’ve noticed that the tempereature mostly depends on outside temperature. My 1655 was in my friends computer (a few days ago), in a very hot room. The drive was hot like a hell! But when I put it back in my computer (in my room, where temp. is constantly 15-20 C) the drives’s temperature also drop down.


Make sure the ventillation holes on the right side of the drive is not blocked by that plastic rail for your computer case.

If it is, then cut a squire where the holes are


i’ve got 2 BenQs and 2 seagate hard drives (250gb and a 300gb inside my case at the moment so you can imagine how toasty it gets in there. I generally leave the side of my case off and I have a clip on desk fan clipped to the top edge of the case pointing inside. (I’m afraid to even connect an extra fan to this 4 year old PSU that only came with a 60gb hard drive and a dvd rom drive as its stock hardware)

also, i organized the case to wires and ide cables weren’t all tangled…i figure that has to improve airflow.

I also removed my floppy drive since i never use it anyway.

if you think it’s getting too hot in your case use a program like everest home edition to monitor the temps. Mine were never outrageous, but they showed on the higher side for the operating temps of my devices.



This not a very good idea. This disturbs the air stream, that is needed to cool your hardware.
My case is carrying 4 ODD, 2 HDD and 1 FDD :wink: and temperatures are far in the green range.



That’s what I’ve always heard as well.


my temps are a little high with the case on and are in a nice midrange with the side of the case off.

I haven’t had any trouble with the side of the case off and it even seemed to be helping. I had heard warnings against it as well, but my experience seems to contradict those warnings so I stick with it…oh well.

besides, I’m always tinkering in there and it’s just easier to leave it exposed. i do go through a good amount of compressed air though in keeping it dust free.


OK. :bigsmile:
A few years ago a friend of mine had a computer that
had a defect in the MB that caused the computer to
crash and generally act weird. She found the only way
she could get it to run was by doing the same as you,
leave the side cover off & direct a fan at the MB.
It worked OK in cool weather. :slight_smile:


this happens to all. but from experience with 1620 and external 1640 benqs get much hotter than liteons and nec