DW1655 Problems?

I haven’t burned much yet with this new drive, but a few Verbatim 16x -R (MCC03RG20). Have default Qsuite settings. IDE channel is indicating DMA. 80 pin cable.

Burns at 16x are taking about 12 minutes and get off to a very slow start. I’m getting C1 erros in 3,000,000 range, C2s doen’t seem too bad. Quality on CDSpeed is 95. The disks do play. Have used Nero Ess 7 and IMGBURN, same results.

I’ve read quite a bit here about issues with 1655. My drive had the BCHB firmware, I changed it to BCIB and no difference. My 1650 drive is burning at the right speed with C1 about 300,000, also decent C2s and quality of 95 also with same media. I believe the media is PAPA.

Should I drop back to BCGB, would that help? What about crossflashing to 1650, is that safe?

Sorry to hear about your problems [I]smata67.[/I] :sad:

Please post us your Nero InfoTool output and a scan/transfer rate test.