DW1655 PMA Error



I have been running this setup successfully now for over a year, no recent upgrades to any program that I know of. BCIB firmware. Now, all of a sudden, I’m getting the errors I list below when I’m burning DVDs with both NERO and IMGBURN. The program memory area is full on the drive, it appears. I reinstalled BCIB, changed to BCHB, rebooted several times, no change. I also lowered burn speed to 4x. No erros in the configuration (running XP). It just refuses to burn. I’m using Verbatims DVD-R disks, also tried TDK DVD+R. Any ideas?

PMA Area Full
Could not perform start of disc-at-once
Burn Process Failed

Program Memory Area is full

I was able to burn CD-Rs w/ BURNNNN, drive does not want to do DVDs.


Try a new 80-pin IDE cable.


Several different cables later and testing with different power connectors on the same computer, still bad results. Moved the drive to another computer and installed known good drive to the computer malfunctioning. Suspect drive still malfunctioning in different computer and replacement drive working fine, so problem drive. Damn, most likely won’t get a BenQ drive under warranty replacement, we’ll see.


[QUOTE=smata67;2103341]Damn, most likely won’t get a BenQ drive under warranty replacement, we’ll see.[/QUOTE]If you get another 1655 for a replacement, i would be very surprised.

You could try cleaning the laser lens but then no mo warranty if you take it apart to do it…


Luckily, I charged to a credit card, so still under warranty 14 months after purchase (card adds 1 year to warranty). Visa says I need receipt and warranty info on it, which I have, so looks like I’ll get reimbursed the $42 I spent. It was an I/O Magic drive from Staples. I have a replacement Pioneer DVR-116DBK on order, should work fine. If I don’t end up having to send out the broke one, I’ll pop it open and see if its a dirty lens. Cleaning lens has never worked for me, most likely busted.