DW1655 Only Burns +R DL @ 2.4x?



I recently updated my BenQ DW1620 to the DW1655 and noticed that when burning +R DL discs (Verbatim), the highest ripping speed is 2.4x even with Overburn enabled in QSuite 2.01. On the DW1620, I was able to burn the same discs at 4x with no problems. I checked +R and +RW discs with the DW1655 and they will burn up to the specified speed and higher with no problems.

As far as I know, the retail version of the DW1655 shipped with the latest firmware so I have no clue why +R DL discs won’t burn at the suggested 8x speed for Verbatim discs. If anyone has some insight on this situation, please don’t hesitate to respond b/c I would love to burn these discs at 8x!!


whoa time out.

when BURNING dl discs, the highest RIPPING speed is 2.4x? please clarify this.

overburn allowed you to burn past the recommended area on the disc including more data. do you mean OverSPEED? please clarify this as well.

what is the media id of your discs. if they are MKM 001, your discs are 2.4x discs. if they are MKM 003 then they are 8x discs.

what program are you using to burn? with overspeed on, you should be able to burn past the recommended burning speed, but be warned that quality is not guaranteed if you’re not using media that is supported at that speed.


Sorry for the lack of info earlier…

  1. yes, I meant to say OverSPEED and not Overburn… sorry for the confusion

  2. the Verbatim +R DL discs I have been using have the media ID: MKM 001 – maybe this code isn’t meant for 8x speeds; however, I do have a 20pk of Verbatim +R DL’s that I haven’t opened up yet that specifies on the label as burning up to 8x speeds – sorry to say these say MKM 001 as well so ONLY 2.4x burn speeds :frowning:

  3. I’ve been using Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.50 & DVDInfoPro 4.36 to view each media’s information and to test them as well

** I just don’t understand why a DVD writer (DW1620) can burn these +R DL’s at 4x and a more recent DVD writer (DW1655) can’t even go over 2.4x!!!


the latest firmware for the 1655 supports MKM001 at 2.4x as far as i know (I’ve never burned them higher than that as i’m nervous about quality)

when you enable overspeed, the program you’re using to burn (what program are you using?) doesn’t allow you to select a higher speed? it should regardless of firmware support as that’s what overspeed means…


probably has to do with firmware.

i have no desire to burn my 2.4x discs at a higher speed since like i said before, i get nervous about the quality.

if, with overspeed on, you still can’t select a higher burn speed, then maybe someone else can jump in at this point…



Thx for your help reasonsnotrules & hopefully BenQ will update their FW soon to enable faster +R DL speeds. Since I still have over 20 +R DL discs with the MKM 001 media code, I don’t plan on buying anymore soon, but how can I tell which of these discs have the MKM 003 media code??


what program are you using to burn that it won’t let you select a higher burn speed?

i don’t know if this is valid or not, but you could try to use MCSE to swap the write strat with MKM003…(don’t try that before checking with someone else first though!)


I used DVD Decrypter to burn the first DL disc using the DW1655… haven’t tried burning any others yet. If need be, I can use CloneDVD 2 or ImgBurn to see if that will give me better results. As far as your other suggestion swapping write strats, I rather not do that… lols.


In the US, MKM 003 is currently sold in 5packs with orange box like this one.


Ok, thx zevia for telling me how to get MKM 003 +R DL discs.


apparently the strat swap is the way to go. a very detailed guide has been posted if you’re interested http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=175030


Thx for the link reasonsnotrules!! Now I can do 8x rips on MKM 001 media :smiley:


Just use ala42’s MCSE… :wink:
If you are lucky maybe you’ll be able to compete with guys in this thread.


8x rips? do you mean burns?

also, a few posts up it seemed like you wanted no part of strat swapping?

anywho, if you’re burning at 8x, can you post a scan or two? i could use a little boost of confidence to give it a shot haha


I decided to give the strat swap a try & the step-by-step guide was awesome :smiley: Anyways, I’m currently on my 2nd 8x burn with the MKM 001 discs and so far so good. Haven’t done any testing yet with Nero CD-DVD Speed, but I will in the next day or so.