DW1655 [OEM] Problems

I bought a 1655 OEM from Newegg because they were out of the retail drive at the time. I really wanted a 1640 but they didnt have one.
At first everything looked fine. I burnt 5 DVD+Rs (all 8X TY +Rs) and 5 DVD-Rs (all 8x TY -Rs.) The scans looked OK, not spectacular, but in the > 90 quality range from Nero. The drive is LOUD! I mean loud like a jet engine. The NEC 3500A is much quieter, and it is not the quietest drive.
then I had a burn faliure with disc #6, a TY -R. Write Faliure.
I was somewhat surprised, I’ve never had a TY burn fail. Ever. Tons of discs burnt on other burners.
I checked Benqs site, and they had a newer firmware BCDB available. I flashed it with no issues.
Now every single DVD-R fails. I had 1 +R successful burn when I turned off WOPC. Tried 3 more DVD-Rs all failed. All write errors. Even the +R fails 50% of the time.
I also have a NEC 3500A and a Liteon 832S. I alternated burns with TY 8X -Rs on the NEC 3500A and Liteon 832s. Burns / scans are just about perfect on the other 2 drives - 99% quality equivalent. It is not the media, that much I am sure of.

What should I do?
Can I RMA the drive?
Can I cross-flash it to a 1640 or 1650?
If I RMA it, should I sell it and get another brand or try it again?
Any other suggestions are welcome too.

If you bought this drive on newegg, use your replacemet rights within 30 days.
We have a few members that have had same problems, although I have hard to believe your drive is faulty.
Before RMA try your drive in an other compu.

BTW, both NEC3500 and Litey 8*2 are great drives :iagree:. Have/had both drives in my setup.

Hi :slight_smile:
You can crossflash to a 1650, several folks have without any problems. (Myself being one). You could try flashing in DOS (sticking to 1655 f/w[.cvt file]), as this has sometimes cured problems.
Regarding noise, my oem 1655 is no more noisy than any of my other drives (see sig).
Re: -media see my post here. In fact you might if you haven’t already want to look at the whole thread.

With all respect zebadee, but what do you think a crossflash will cure? If you recommend him to flash why not reflash first with a 1655 firmware… :confused:

I can’t find a DOS flasher for the 1655. If anyone has a link I’d appreciate it.
Meanwhile I will try reflashing using the same firmware.

Hi :slight_smile:
pinto2, I’ve not made it clear re: crossflashing. I was merely answering the question of crossflashing & if it was possible. Yes to 1655 to 1650, no to 1655 to 1640. My intention was to suggest reflashing (possibly in dos) first.
Doctor_T take a look here.

i have flashed with dw1655 bcdb firmware and along with MCSE i am able to burn my dual layers at 8x. i only use dvd +r. i like my stuff positive. call it a stigma, but anything negative i feel impacts my burn lol. i stick with +r media not -r media. make sure you use verbatim and no memorex.

Shadow, like I said, I did try a few +R burns, 2/4 worked. Usually I have more +R media but right now, I have a lot of -R discs. I should have some MCC +R discs lying around, so I will dig a few up.
The first disc that failed was before I flashed it. I immediately flashed the drive after the 1st -R disc failed, so I dont know if things would have been any different if I had stayed with the original firmware.
Tonight I try the DOS flasher, then I’ll try a cross-flash to 1650, but to be honest I’m not very hopeful that these things will help. I feel like I have a bum drive. I should be able to RMA it to Newegg, I’m checking their policies. If not, I’ll find out how good Benq USA’s customer service is :slight_smile:

you can RMA it…i did no problem to newegg.

So Newegg just replaced your OEM with a retail, or did you have to ask them to do that and pay the 15% restocking fee + price diff (which I have no problem doing if I have to)?

Newegg rocks, they let me return the drive.
Do you think I should get another DW1655 (retail) or should I get something like the Plextor (for $20 more) which I think is the equivalent of the older 1640?

The only point in going back to DW1640 is that the DW1640 firmware is quite mature and can handle most media in the market. I see that you use TY and MCC, which DW1655 can handle it very well with its current firmware. So get the DW1655. Retail or OEM is the same quality wise. The difference is only their accessories (bezel with BenQ logo, software CD, blank LS media and boxed).

I do only use TY and MCC media, sometimes TDK, Sony and Ricoh media if I end up buying a MIJ spool that turns out to be one of these MIDs (doesnt happen too often.)
I’ll try my luck with another 1655, hopefully this drive was just some freak accident. Interestingly, I noticed someone else complaining about receiveing a bum 1655 on Newegg in the review of the drive. Wonder if they received a bad batch or something. Oh well (crosses fingers.)