DW1655 now bad trts

Lately i’ve been getting these results from my drive, which has BCGB firmware.

I’m using the same batch of media,that’s always been stored well.

These curves are typically the same, no matter what I burn (small files or large ISOs), 8x or 12x burn.

2 types of media:

Imation 16x -R MBI (first image)

Panasonic 16x -R TYG03

The scans are generally the same as before except that the peak PIE is much higher (40s rather than 20s)

Is the drive ready to be put out to pasture? or can it be saved? I need your help urgently as I have a lot of data to back up!


Check dma…

Hi pfloyd1,

thanks for your reply. The Benq is alone (master) on the secondary IDE, NeroInfotool reports the drive as DMA on, windows device manager reports the drive is in Ultra DMA Mode 2 mode.

Any other tests I could do and report back?

I’ve retested some media burnt 1 year and 2 years ago, incl. +r media, 8x media, and similar patterns are seen in all cases.

Unfortunately I don’t have another drive available to test the qualiy of the newly burnt media :frowning:

I’ve seen the same pattern in my BenQ 1640. It just up and started to do this one day. I couldn’t fix the problem at all. It could burn at 16x just fine, but couldn’t read at 16x on any brands/makes of media [Verbatim 16x, TY 8x, Sony 16x, etc]. I no longer even attempt to use it to read discs; it’s here just for occasional burns and scans.

Thanks Albert :slight_smile:

As the info I need to back up is quite important, does it mean I’ll have to get another drive just to be able to verify the read quality? As it appears I won’t be able to trust this one. I can put in another IDE drive on the primary IDE channel, but I have no free SATAs. What drive, if I’ll need a new one, would be a good complement to the 1655?