DW1655: How to find a safe burning speed?



I want to make sure that I can retrieve the data later. I know it is not a good idea to burn at 16X, even the media is certified for 16X. How could I find the safe burning speed?


There is only one way: try by yourself and see results.

You can obtain some informations reading scans posted here in the forum, but “best” burning speed is related to three factors:

Burner, firmware and batch of media. For benq burners, moreover, there are also other factors: WOPC, SB and OS. Then there are so much variables involved that it’s impossible to answer to this question.

I suggest you to read threads dedicated to scans, make decisions on what media you can buy (not all media are available anywhere), and then do some tests.

Being factors involved so much is very difficult to state general rules. Also people with the same burner can obtain different results with the same media.

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I’d suggest (a) don’t overspeed, and (b) enable solidburn for both known and unknown media to take into account variable disc quality, and © use high quality media.

If you’re really serious about retrieving data later, you also need to ensure your discs are stored correctly to ensure a long life.



If you have Qsuite installed, you could determine a safe speed using Qscan.





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Just tried QScan on my Imation DVD+R 4x. Not recommended for 4x at all. Thanks for saving my data