DW1655 high pitch noise?

my 1655 emits 2 kind of noises when reading/burning:

  • a low rumble (like my CD burner)
  • a high pitch noise

is this last noise normal or should I return the burner?

Can you describe the high pitch noise (and low rumble)? Do you have other burners to compare?

I’d be willing to bet its just the reverberation caused by a loose install or a flimsy case. The first you can correct by doublechecking the screws are not loose. Mine is installed in a shuttle and they have rubber grommits. It still “whines” when it spins up, but no more than my plex 712. Its definitely quieter than my liteon 5238s

I checked the screws and the case and everything is tight. Both noises are the drive “whining”. I do have a CD burner but no other DVD burner. Basically the Benq makes the same noise as the CD burner plus adds the same whine you can hear from a Hard disk drive. Maybe because it spins so faxt (my CD burner is an 8X only).

Also the green light on the front in always on (even when not reading) - is this abnormal?.

I bought the retail package because I was hoping for some meaningfull documentation but there is nothing usefull (next time I’ll order the OEM).

Thanks for the help.

At 48x CD burning/reading every drive whines, my 1655 is quieter than my Liteon 167 at this speed. Is this the whine? The lower rumble, somewhat like hard drive seek, is probably the WOPC function as it rereads and adjusts. You won’t get a manual with the OEM version, either. The BenQ Europe site has some more info (like what is WOPC) and downloads. The Qsuite manual there has some good information about how the drive actually works.