Dw1655 /gcab problem in nero setting

i got a dw 1655 from Staples and in Nero the option to choose seamless link is gray out. is this another firmware issue? :confused:

how do i post a picture

See here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=530961&postcount=2 Save the scan or pic as a PNG to your desktop or Hard drive by clicking the floppy icon at the top R/H corner of CD speed or use MS Paint or your prefered app for pics (save as PNG) and follow the linked instructions.:wink:

can some one tell me is that a firmware issue? some one with a retail benq, please ck the setting in nero.

Not sure but it certainly looks like a FW thing. Mine is a BenQ OEM 1655 BCAB FW. Maybe itโ€™s because you have a disc in the drive?? At least it says itโ€™s enabled.:confused:

was it labled as a BenQ 1655 ? It looks like a rebadge to me, as that is the firmware used for rebadged drives.

There should be no concern, the feature is enabled! :rolleyes:

it was the firmware, xflashed to BCDB and problem solved