DW1655 does not work after firmware update

I have tried flashing my BenQ DW1655 with every available firmware I can find and it will not show up afterwards in my computer or if it does it’s with a big question mark on it. It shows up in the device manager correctly and as what it is but not in my computer and not as a useable device.

flashed it with BQflasher no difference, used the stock one from them no good either.

Only thing that works is the firmware BCDB version…


Welcome to cdfreaks. :slight_smile:

Did you mean that with BCDB it works? or previously worked?

What is your operating system?
Is there another drive in the same IDE channel? Perhaps you can list your system specs so we have enough info to troubleshoot your problem.

In the mean time, try flashing in Windows Safe Mode, and after each flash reboot in Safe Mode again to check the drive in Device Manager.

Let us know!