Dw1655 coasters

I’m not much for beating myself and others up over this. Can I put my Benq in a different enclosure with the understanding I’ll probably have to give up the external USB hard drive and use my internal, little old 80gb drive?

Ordered the Plumax 525 enclosure utilizing the Cypress AT2+ chip to connect by USB2. I’ll try not to run the external hd and the external burner through the USB hub - will use separate ports in hopes of resolving the transfer rate problem.

Just not sure why I get disc errors (LG player unable to load disc).

Yes, this is a laptop, no firewire.

Thanks again.

Yes I think burning from your hard drive(intern.) and not using the usb hub,try +8x.
The new encloser eill help a lot,how much Men. do you have?

<<how much Men. do you have?>>
memory, right? 512mb

You might want to go to 1 gb,and give it a try

Thanks, Bruce. Am still puzzled about the “disc errors” that my player generates whether burns are on enclosure Benq or my laptop’s internal 2x burner and no matter what media (verbatim 8x or 16x or memorex 16x). Sometimes it will take a disc if reinserted a couple times. Plays DVD-9’s just fine and some DVD-5’s I burned earlier. Does the slow speed cause disc error?

FYI - my disc errors turned out to be a bad (brand new) LG LDA-511 player. Took my discs to Tweeter, stuck 'em in a Denon player and they all played great.