DW1655 cannot read DVD burned on a NEC



I have a strange problem.

Before I bought the B&Q DW1655, I used a NEC-dvdburner to burn data-dvd’s.
I use dvd’s as backups for all my photoshoots, as for I am a photographer.

After a month of using both the B&Q and NEC, I sold my NEC, because the B&Q was doing a good job.

Now I cannot read the DVD’s burned with the NEC anymore :S
Nero 7 keeps saying there is no DVD inserted.
Also “This computer” sees no DVD inside the drive.
When I look accross the DVD I can see that there IS data written on it
And the NEC surely was able to see and read the DVD.

Please help me!!!



Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It seems a typical low-quality media issue. What discs are you using? Can you post here brand and mediacode? You can retrieve mediacode with cd-dvd speed (in the “disc info” tab).


I will have to use a same DVD which I burned with the B&Q.


B&Q :bigsmile:

I had the same problem with a couple of Verb -Rs burnt by a friend.

It only occured using an older version of Benq’s firmware and, thankfully, after flashing the discs could be read.

It looks like your firmware is the latest, so I can’t guarantee this will solve the problem, but you may want to try an older version.


Ritek media can be the cause of your problem. Some ritek discs are well known to become unreadable after a few months. I suggest to burn again all your important discs as soon as possible, when the disc is still readable. If your benq drive is not able to read these discs, then you definitely need a new drive, because some drives have better error correction capabilities than other. Liteon, for example, are good readers.

And I suggest also to buy better media :slight_smile: