DW1655 a good reader?

Sorry if this has been asked already.

The consensus seemed to be that the DW1640 was a great reader. Is the DW1655 as good a reader as that drive? I want to buy this drive but only if it can read as well as the DW1640 did. I planned a system upgrade with the DW1640 in mind as my only optical drive, and by the time I bought all the parts, you couldn’t find a DW1640 to save your life. If the DW1655 isn’t a good reader, are there any DVD-ROM drives that are great readers?

Thanks to all the geniuses here.

Hi :slight_smile:
The 1655 is as good (with the potential of being better) as the 1640. The only difference is DL (pressed) read speed, which until f/w is available & ala42 :bow: of course does his bit. Will not reach the speeds of the 1640 that’s been MCSE speedpatched.


Yup - :iagree: